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I-95 Delray Beach Sound Barrier Wall

Our Design-Build Team designed and installed a precast sound barrier (2,104 LF) and a cast-in-place traffic railing/sound barrier (1,083 LF) along the east side of I-95 Right-of-Way. Project scope included precast structures, auger-cast pilings, cast-in-place structures, precast sound wall, cast-in-place sound wall, earthwork, drainage, guardrails, structural concrete, and Class 5 coatings.

Our Team aptly faced a few challenges along the way. For example, we submitted and approved a new drainage slot system to be used in the shoulder-mounted barrier wall. This is the first known District 4 FDOT project to use this system.

By delivering the completed project 35 days ahead of schedule, our Team minimized the impact upon I-95 motorists and the community residents. The project earned an Honor Award in the Transportation Category from the Florida Region of the Design-Build Institute of America.

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I-95 Delray Beach Sound Barrier Wall


Florida Department of Transportation


Keith and Schnars


Delray Beach, Florida


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