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Pine Crest Central Chiller Plant

This LEED-Gold project consisted of the construction of a new 4,200 SF central chiller plant that houses three 750-ton chillers to serve the private school's Fort Lauderdale campus. A new adjacent enclosure houses the cooling towers. The scope of work also included the distribution piping from the new chiller plant to the existing buildings throughout the 50-acre campus. Almost 7,000 feet of underground piping was installed in various areas occupied by students, faculty, and staff. The campus, which is open year-round, remained in full operation during the project. The Pine Crest Central Chiller Plant is the first building in Fort Lauderdale to achieve LEED certification of any level in the New Construction category.


Pine Crest Central Chiller Plant


Pine Crest Preparatory School


Zyscovich Architects


Fort Lauderdale, FL

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