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SCEC has completed the Signature Flight Support (Sports Terminal) Project at Miami International Airport. The project consisted of two individual buildings. The 3,426 SF terminal building was built conventionally with concrete masonry and hollow core slabs. A 2,480 SF Ground Services Equipment (GSE) Building was built as a pre-manufactured metal building and is used for maintenance and service.

Signature Flight Support is the largest independent private flight support company in the world with terminals and/or service hangers at most of the major airports throughout the United States.

The Sports Terminal Building was built to primarily accommodate the sports teams that fly in and out of MIA, such as the Miami Heat and Miami Marlins, as well as visiting teams, college teams and international teams playing in the South Florida area. The terminal features a large lounge area with all necessary technology for team players, managers and executives to work while they wait for flights including hot spots, charging stations and monitors. A coffee and concession bar is available for guests. The building also has a full functioning conference room where meetings can be held. The Sports Terminal is also used for private events and functions.

The Building has two restrooms and standalone HVAC, fire alarm and fire protection systems. Both lounge and conference room have large windows that overlook the tarmac. Card access points to airside are compliant with all FAA, Homeland Security safety and MIA flight regulations.

The GSE Building is a full-service maintenance building where Signature provides service to all private planes that fly in and out of MIA. The building includes a two-bay garage with overhead doors, floor drainage system, and Big Ass fan installation for ventilation, as well as compressors, set-up tables for maintenance crews and a parts storage room with access from the garage area. The garage area is directly connected to the airside portion.

The GSE building also has two offices for managers and a records room. The offices, locker room, shower and records room are all accessible from landside area with complete card access into airside spaces such as tarmac and garage areas as per FAA, Homeland Security and MIA safety regulations.

The project also consisted of a new parking lot, drainage, irrigation/landscaping and landside/airside fence and access gates.

SCEC was contracted for the project through KMI International and worked closely with architect of record Carty Architecture to deliver the project successfully.

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